I am so glad you found your way here. My name is Reshma Shah and I am a board certified pediatrician, mother, plant based home-cook, teacher and (always!) student. That’s the short version. Here’s a slightly longer one…



A plant based diet is the foundation for good health. Whether you are plant curious or committed, eating and enjoying plants is a step in the right direction. Here, you’ll find guidance and support for an evidence-based, practical approach to feeding your family.


Prioritizing health doesn’t mean that we need to give up joy when it comes to eating.
Food should (and can!) taste delicious.

“The secret to feeding a healthy family is to love good food, trust yourself, and share that love and trust with your child. When the joy goes out of eating, nutrition suffers.” ~ Ellyn Satter


Food offers an opportunity to both communicate and nourish. It not only connects us to one another but on a more global scale, our food choices are connected to our environment, and to other sentient beings. It is truly amazing to realize that all of these things, our health, the health of our planet and alleviating animal suffering can all be supported by favoring plants.

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